Card-0428 Naruto Uzumaki
"Seal of Light"
No. Element Range Rarity Max Level Cost
428 Bravery icon Mid ★★★★★★ 100 80/32
Status Portrait-0428
Min Max + Value
Health 830 1660 (+ 300)
Strength 994 1988 (+ 100)
Luck 10 99
Ninja World Clash
Min Max + Value
Health 15770 31540 (+ 300)
Strength 1590 3181 (+ 100)
Speed 119 239 (+ 30)
F/B Skills Field Skill Restores 150-200 health.
Buddy Skill 20% chance of dodging an attack.
Sync Skills
Sync With Bravery Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 20%.
Sync With Bravery and Wisdom Boosts attack by 100/200.
Sync With Hidden Leaf Reduces Bravery damage taken by 20%.
Ability Self-Healing Self-Healing Restores 300/600 health every turn.
Ability Reduce Damage-Wisdom Reduce Wisdom Damage Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 20%.
Ability Self-Healing Self-Healing Restores 300/600 health every turn.
Ability Reduce Damage-Wisdom Reduce Wisdom Damage Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 20%.
Ability Chakra Gauge Reduction Chakra Gauge Reduction Reduces chakra consumed by 1.
Ability Immobilization-Resistance Immobilization Resistance Lowers rate of getting immobilized by 20% (Not F Skills).
Ninjutsu: Tailed Beast Bomb Rasen Shuriken
Ninja World Clash
Removes Barrier of 1 enemy(s) in range, 7x attack and knocks them back. Chakra Required: 6 → 5
Secret Technique: Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasen-Shuriken
Ninja World Clash
16x attack damage to all enemies in range, ignoring Substitution and Perfect Dodge, knocking them back. Chakra Required: 12 → 10
Character Data
Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 15 Circle Mid Right
Secret Technique 10 Circle Long Center
Other Normal Hit Count: 1 Affiliation: Hidden Leaf icon Ninja Alliance icon Availability: Global icon Japan icon
Status Effects Self: Support: Icon-Health Recovery Icon-Substitution Jutsu
Enemy: Sync Skill: Icon-Reduce Damage-Wisdom Icon-Attack Boost Icon-Reduce Damage-Bravery
Jutsu: Icon-Remove Barrier Icon-Knockback Icon-Ignore Perfect Dodge Icon-Ignore Substitution Jutsu Other:
How to Obtain Awaken Naruto Uzumaki "Seal of Light" (★5)
Additional Information N/A
Jutsu Video
【Ultimate Ninja Blazing】Naruto Uzumaki "Seal of Light" (★6) Ninjutsu & Secret Technique

【Ultimate Ninja Blazing】Naruto Uzumaki "Seal of Light" (★6) Ninjutsu & Secret Technique

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Tier List

Naruto comes back as the best Sage of the Six Paths unit, only beaten by Madara with a Tier Score of 9.5. This means he is S+ tier (a broken unit) and as versatile as Madara is. While he has his own upgrades, he also has some downgrades, but this is easily patched up with other members in the party. He is a solid pick all around. He is a direct counter to the Impact Mission "The Hour of Revival". Highlighting his points:

Overall Statistics: 1.9

A stunning unit with his statistics, Naruto shows himself as a very good Mid-Range hitter, with extremely powerful Jutsu: both his Multiplier-to-Chakra ratios for his Jutsus are higher than 1, and with abilities, it goes even higher than 1. His Jutsu also remove Barrier, and Secret Technique removes Perfect Dodge and Substitution. His Jutsu also hits for 15 hits, which is an instant Chakra Recovery through Ultra Combo. Almost a 2.0, but 1.9 due to the fact that he is relatively easy to take down with a mediocre HP and a weak Speed game.

LASFFB Rating: 1.9

His LASFFB (Limit Break, Abilities, Sync Skill, Farmability, Field Skill, and Buddy Skill) rating reaches almost to 2.0 but falls short of that at 1.9 as his very last ability is a Reduce Chance of Immobilization - alone - and his farmability which is very difficult as he is a Blazing Festival Unit and a Rare one at that. Other than those two, his kit is thoroughly amazing, with 600 HP Recovery per turn, Reducing Chakra Consumed by 1, Reducing Wisdom damage by up to 40%, Field Skill healing 200 HP maximum to one unit, Buddy Skill helps characters dodge by 20%, and mono-Bravery teams get a buff as Six Paths Naruto also receives a Sync Skill and reduces Wisdom Damage by 20% (this totals at 60%, enough to make him a legitimate hard counter to a Wisdom mission).

Utility: 2.0

Though his Statistics and LASFFB rating falls short of 2.0, his Utility is a perfect 2.0 as he can, like Madara, fulfill multiple roles at once, and do a good job at it: Healer (heals 600 HP, and only in PvE), Nuker (high MtCs, high Attack Stat), Splash Control (Secret Technique hits everyone in a long range), Supporter (removes three Wildcard Abilities, and Dodge Chance from Buddy Skill) and Tank (reduce WIS damage by up to 60% in mono-Bravery teams.) He is a definite force to be reckoned, fulfilling 5 Roles, and snuggling comfortably into four of them easily! However, if he is used in a non-Wisdom run, he loses his role as a Tank.

PvE Usage: 1.9

In his PvE usage, a 1.9 is recommended as while he is very strong indeed, the counterbalance lies in his Chakra Cost. He might need to stall a bit more to get a full bar of chakra, even with the 5th Ability. This reduces his ability in Timed Runs (those runs with "Complete in so-and-so turns or less") but makes up for it for his amazing damage output. In a Leisure Run, he is good if he is taken into any team, but be wary of his 5/10 Chakra Cost and high Team Cost,

PvP Usage: 1.8

In PvP, he is extremely dangerous as a unit since his Jutsu deals a solid 20,000 DMG (neutral) and 30,000 DMG to any Wisdom unit, making him a Wisdom Nuker, able to kill many Wisdom characters in one hit, and receiving an Ultra Combo from it, recovering 1 Chakra. While it proves to be very difficult to pull off his Secret Technique in PvP, if he does pull it off, every character in the vicinity is guaranteed death. His utility inside PvP is very powerful, only bad since his HP and SPD is low. He can also be used as a Wisdom Bait, with his abilities. However, he is still a Squishy with his low HP!

Overall: 9.5 (S+)

Hoo boy, another broken unit into the meta. Insanely good in PvE or PvP with good utility and good statistics all around, he is a monster. Naruto has always shown himself to be strong, but where he is now only questions myself, would the next Naruto be even stronger? Would he reach a 10.0? Or will he Limit Break?