Card-1062 Limit Break Crystal
"Worshiping a Mad God"
No. Element Range Rarity Max Level Cost
1062 Body icon ★★★★★☆ 70
Status Portrait-1062
Min Max + Value
Health 1 (+ 0)
Strength 1 (+ 0)
Luck 1
How to Obtain
Trial Coin Exchange Shop
Awakening Materials Awaken to
Card-1062 Card-1062 Card-1062 Card-0954 Card-0908 Card-1063
Additional Information Used as a material to Limit Break Hidan "Worshiping a Mad God" (★6).
Arrow-Left Card-1061
Card-1063 Arrow-Right
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1 Star Rarity
2 Star Rarity
3 Star Rarity
4 Star Rarity
5 Star Rarity
6 Star Rarity

By Element Blue
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Skill icon
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