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help me

i have problem in story missions,in some missions a cant find all reward,for example same card with anbu,can you tell me haw a can to increase my chances to gets averything?


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Item Drops Question

Hey guys, I would like to know if I'm using 6 units with 99 luck (include helper) in story mission for example, will it increase the chance of the character and pils drop rate? Or only the Captain's luck counts and it doesn't matter how much luck other units has? (I know that Captain's luck effect lucky drop but i'm refering to the normal drops).
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bonjour j'aimerais savoir si le shop remettra les anciens personnage a achete avec des points des 2ans
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Help on team

Hey guys can you please tell me what character to awaken and what is the best team I can make
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how can i unlock the ability for the characters?
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A copy for a character

I have got a copy for Kakashi Hatake "Entrusted with hope" should I unlock an ability or put him in my team ?
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What now?

I've been rerolling a LOT for the new characters (new player) but i ended up having this account... Should i stop here and keep this? Are this units good?
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Duplicado de personaje

Soy nuevo en el juego y no se mucho pero me sirve de algo un duplicado de personaje??
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Uploading Videos for Characters

If you guys need videos uploaded to any character list, feel free to message here. I'll upload whichever character you request!
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Wiki Needs a Ranking System or Tier List

This wiki desperately needs a tier list or ranking system included for better organization. Granted, it doesn't have to be a copy paste of the official site's non-updated tier list (and I mean non-updated, as in the site hasn't been updated since late-March), but say if a newbie such as myself wanted to know if a character is good, but doesn't know much about what validates as being "good", having one that is consistently updated would certainly bring newcomers to the site, along with teaching skrubs who's best recommended.
Do you want a [consistently updated] tier list/ ranking system?
  • Yes, that would be great!
  • No, let the noobs fend for themselves.
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Big problem

Hey, I've lost my phone with naruto bazing account and I didn't make a transfer code. Do I have any chance to have my account back?
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New player needing help making a pvp team

Hello, I never really played consistently just beat the campaign and play when really good banners come out so I never understood how to make a PVP team. Also I was wondering what is the best way to get a character to 100 luck? (not summonable units). Here is my current box.
Current box
Current box Imgur
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url change

Hello everyone,

I just want to put a little note that the url of this wikia has been changed to Be sure to bookmark this new url as the previous url will be deleted a month from now.

Thank you for your time!
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Issues on editing the Wikia

Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks, I discovered that there has been some unnecessary editing in the wikia that has caught my attention. I would like to note that if there's any sight of editing towards the wikia that posses foul language, a ban will be issued towards that user for a set period of time.

Thank you for your time.
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how do i create the best pvp team
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What is the best way to rank up? Japanese version!

I am on rank 115. What is the best way to rank up for the Japanese version?
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kakashi hatake entrusted with hope

Managed to pull 3 copies off of the banner, should I throw two of them as dupes or use two of them on my team?
Also have a 100% Madara ran as a main if that helps, not sure if running two kakashis or a double dupe kakashi would be better
What's better?
  • Throw both copies in as dupes
  • Use two or three copies on your team
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Haku Tears of The Ice Mirror

For real here, he is really hard to get but he kind of sucks, who agrees
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Can I get a new team try my units are below

In comments please tell me from left to right the unit order
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