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• 1/10/2019

I'm back

Hi everyone!

I just like to let you all of you know that I'm back from vacation and will start working on the Wiki as soon as Friday.

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• 12/17/2018

Special Announcement

Attention all users in Naruto Blazing,

For the next three weeks, I will be going on a vacation for the winter break. That means that I will be unable to upload any icons and portraits for any new upcoming units. I will be back by the third week of January, so any one of you users out there can help fill in the void by uploading the stats of any new units along with updating the events timeline for only any NEW UNIT or MATERIALS. See you all in January!

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• 11/26/2018

Predictions on next banner

I'm putting my bets on the next BB banner as either Hidan/Kakuzu (most likely considering Konan/Pain), Temari/Kankuro (Preferably PTS), or Kiba/Shino (Also PTS). Knowing Bandai they will probably do something else but I just want to have fun speculating.

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• 11/26/2018

6-Tailed Naruto vs CM2 Sasuke

Who would you want to see more of in a BF summon??
  • 6 tail Sage Mode Naruto
  • Curse Mark 2 Shippuden Sasuke
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• 11/20/2018

Team for PvP battles only .

Hey guys, i`m a new player in this game, started to play like 4-5 weeks ago, i think. At the moment i got myself the following good pvp characters : Obito Uchiha into total darkness awakened and blazed lvl 100but not dumped ( i think that is the term when u awaken all his abilities ), Madara Uchiha Path of Dream ( two times ), both 6 stars level 100, one of them is blazed and one is not ( should i blaze the other one to or dump him in the blazed one, i have 2 awakening stones to, so that should give me 3 of his abilities awakened, but i`m not sure if it`s okey or worth), 4 th character is a Hinata Hyuga Unwavering Courage 6 star lvl 100 blazed, then Itachi Uchiha Eyes Gazing over the Future 6 star lvl 100 blazed.

So keeping all of that in mind, i have one more slot available for the pvp and i`m not sure who to put there. I have the following 3 characters that i think they would be worth, but that would mean i need to limit break one to lvl 150 ( i have money only to barelly awaken one of them ) , so i want to know in that team and in that situation which of these following 3 limit breaked would be better for pvp only purpose ? : Sasuke Uchiha Avenger , Yamato Heartless Thought or Chojuro Slashing Twinsword.

The reason why i want one of these 3 characters is because all my others characters aren`t that good, i won`t tell u now who and why but u you can ask me. The ideea is that i think that all 3 are good because they use 4 gauge ninjutsu, Sasuke is good for the aoe ninjutsu and good stats, Yamato is an hell of a tank with f**** amazing stats at 6 stars fully limit breaked like holy s*** and he has good ninjutsu and secret to, and the chojuro just because his ninjutsu and secret technique ignores perfect dodge and substitution but i`m not sure if he is good enough.

Please keep in mind that none of this characters have themselves special abilities unlocked . Thanks for the patiance if you readed untill the end and have a nice day :) .

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• 11/1/2018
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• 10/15/2018

help me

i have problem in story missions,in some missions a cant find all reward,for example same card with anbu,can you tell me haw a can to increase my chances to gets averything?


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• 10/6/2018

Item Drops Question

Hey guys, I would like to know if I'm using 6 units with 99 luck (include helper) in story mission for example, will it increase the chance of the character and pils drop rate? Or only the Captain's luck counts and it doesn't matter how much luck other units has? (I know that Captain's luck effect lucky drop but i'm refering to the normal drops).
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• 9/19/2018


bonjour j'aimerais savoir si le shop remettra les anciens personnage a achete avec des points des 2ans
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• 9/13/2018

Help on team

Hey guys can you please tell me what character to awaken and what is the best team I can make
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• 9/7/2018


how can i unlock the ability for the characters?
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• 9/4/2018

A copy for a character

I have got a copy for Kakashi Hatake "Entrusted with hope" should I unlock an ability or put him in my team ?
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• 8/29/2018

What now?

I've been rerolling a LOT for the new characters (new player) but i ended up having this account... Should i stop here and keep this? Are this units good?
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• 8/8/2018
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• 7/24/2018

Duplicado de personaje

Soy nuevo en el juego y no se mucho pero me sirve de algo un duplicado de personaje??
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• 7/9/2018

Uploading Videos for Characters

If you guys need videos uploaded to any character list, feel free to message here. I'll upload whichever character you request!
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• 7/6/2018

Wiki Needs a Ranking System or Tier List

This wiki desperately needs a tier list or ranking system included for better organization. Granted, it doesn't have to be a copy paste of the official site's non-updated tier list (and I mean non-updated, as in the site hasn't been updated since late-March), but say if a newbie such as myself wanted to know if a character is good, but doesn't know much about what validates as being "good", having one that is consistently updated would certainly bring newcomers to the site, along with teaching skrubs who's best recommended.
Do you want a [consistently updated] tier list/ ranking system?
  • Yes, that would be great!
  • No, let the noobs fend for themselves.
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• 6/29/2018

Big problem

Hey, I've lost my phone with naruto bazing account and I didn't make a transfer code. Do I have any chance to have my account back?
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• 6/23/2018

New player needing help making a pvp team

Hello, I never really played consistently just beat the campaign and play when really good banners come out so I never understood how to make a PVP team. Also I was wondering what is the best way to get a character to 100 luck? (not summonable units). Here is my current box.
Current box
Current box Imgur
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• 6/6/2018

url change

Hello everyone,

I just want to put a little note that the url of this wikia has been changed to Be sure to bookmark this new url as the previous url will be deleted a month from now.

Thank you for your time!
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